Liking A Band With Passion In Music

The Spaniard Richy Nox has devoted all that he is to his music. He has moved to Germany to expand his music, and kept a presence in Spain to keep his ties to his homeland strong. He has shown devotion in his music through Nox Interna and has always kept his fan base in his thoughts with everything he has done. This mindset has led to amazing music, remarkable concerts, and a desire to get his music to all reaches of the world.

The latest goal that Richy has had has been is having those that hear and like his music to reflect their praise in the form of Facebook likes. Below is one of his videos so that you can get a taste of his music style and see what he has to offer the world through his music. If you like what you hear, please click here to go to his Facebook page and like it. Every band needs the support of their fans, they are the spark that helps keep the creative fires burning in the musicians.

Nox Interna - Una Perfecta Mentira (Official Video):

Parasites by Nox Interna

Eternidad by Nox Interna

Kill Yourself (And Be Reborn) by Nox Interna