Is It All Worth Fighting For by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Behold the mind of the Apocalyptic Dream Machine! Such a grand entrance should only be given to the best of music, and the greatness of music should be measured by the love the fans have for it. The music presented by Apocalyptic Dream Machine is one of the budding styles that is hitting the market full force this year. Each song gives a presentation of the facets of the artist that comprises ADR. His approach is unorthodox in the development and progression of his style. It is this divergent standard that has made the music made something that will be both fresh to the ears and endearing to a good many that like the genres that are touched with each respective song.

Is It All Worth Fighting For is the first full album by Apocalyptic Dream Machine and gives a path in music that isn't dominated with what the market expects or what a genre demands as its standards. What the album does present is the inspiration of an artist and ADR's own personal standard of excellence in what they want presented to the music world as a whole. It is this freedom that has allotted this artist to take a direction that is true to them and something that will have a lasting impact on those that the songs reaches. Don't take our word for it, listen to one of the songs on this LP below.

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