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Home, The Latest Creation By Kenta Kamiyama

Kenta Kamiyama has presented his latest song, Home, for the world to behold. This Japanese ambient artist has always strived to make music that flows with its style and is the conduit of his creative vision.

Home adds elements of Ambient, but with aspects that show the exploration in music that Kenta Kamiyama presents. It is a voyage in making music that is true to him as an artist and is one of the stepping stones of his journey as a musician. Avid fans of ambient music will want to see a unique interpretation of it from one of the keen minds of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Kenta has been impressive in each of the songs that he has created and Home is no different. It is a perfect presentation of him as an artist. This song shows a distinction in its tone, flow, and the sampling involved with it. Among all of his music, it is just one more mile stone in showing the diversity that Kenta has in music and that he is a vessel in harmony that is far from running dry.

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