Heart-Shaped Box by Lizzie Weber

Lizzie Weber has been one of the true high notes in Folk and the softer side of Rock music. Her empathic style and gifted vocals have given her comparisons to such artists as Sarah Mclachlan and Tori Amos.

Recently, Lizzie took upon the challenge of remaking a personal favorite by Nirvana, Heart-Shaped Box. In this song she added her personal style that has remade this song into something totally unique without dishonoring the band that made this song great.

As you can tell in the video above, Lizzie has kept a lot of the emotion in the song that Kurt Cobain presents, but in her own Heart-Shaped Box. The song may be a remake, but the emotions reflected in it show the homage it is to one of the musicians that has had a lasting impact on Lizzie Weber.

It you would like to purchase this song for your own collection, it is on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Click on the link below to get to Amazon so that you can obtain your copy of this song today!

Heart-Shaped Box by Lizzie Weber

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