Free Music From The Nature Of Time Via Facebook

The Nature Of Time have a little surprise for those that come to their Facebook page in the shape of free music. This German Gothic Rock band has always been one of the hidden gems that lovers of this style of music should never miss out on.

This little gift on their profile is an amazing opportunity for people to experience The Nature Of Time for free! It is where you can sample what they have to offer in music and download it with the band's blessing. It can't get better than that if you are an avid lover of good music from the darker side of Rock music.

If you would like to learn more about The Nature Of Time, click here to check out their fan page on Facebook. For those of you that want to listen to these free tracks and download them, click here to go to the part of their fan page where the music is legally offered for free! We would love to present you the music that The Nature Of Time has to offer in this collection of free music, but Facebook lacks the ability to legally present it to you.

Gone Away by The Nature Of Time

Love Is Just An Illusion by The Nature Of Time

Silent Tears by The Nature Of Time