Fly On The Wall by Demon Boy

Demon Boy brings another solid performance in this Miley Cyrus remake, Fly On The Wall. It brings the darker metal elements that Demon Boy is well known for combined with the elements that were presented in the original song by Miley Cyrus.

Like her or hate her, Miley Cyrus is a talented singer, but this song doesn't fit her respective style as a whole. It has a feel that is almost like a her making her own take on B-52's Rock Lobster. The song isn't bad, but is one that would have to grow on the listener. Demon, however, has a style this song perfectly compliments and his version fits him like a glove.

The metal overtones combined with the sampling of the original song and the forboding vocals of Demon Boy give Fly On The Wall a vitalizing charge. This combination fits with his overall collection of music and is a fitting new addition to his arsenal collection of music for his listeners. Below we have the remake on the player for your listening pleasures. Check it out if you like music that has an attitude and a superb beat.

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