Exclusive Video Of The Ravens Fly by Kevorkian Death Cycle

The legendary, Kevorkian Death Cycle, teamed up with Bloody Disgusting to create an exclusive video. The video is centered around The Ravens Fly which will be one of the upcoming songs on the new album I Am God to be released April 28th the Negative Gains Productions. This will be the fourth LP released by the Los Angeles based Kevorkian Death Cycle.

The video itself has some special meaning to the band and was made as a form of a tribute to one man that the band has close ties to. This person was the former owner of RAS DVA Records of sadly passed away in November of 2014. The band sums it up best in their own words:

" KDC’s new music video “The Ravens Fly”, creates a dark longing beat that hits the back of your skull and bursts your ears with auditory ecstasy. In remembrance of Ric Laciak May 6, 1968 – Nov 17th, 2014. You will live through music forever."

This video has a special spot in the band's heart in who it is a tribute to. For the fans of any form of Industrial music, this is a keen glimpse into what the world has in store with this upcoming album by Kevorkian Death Cycle. If you like what you hear you can go to their bandcamp site and pre-order your copy today! Simply click here.

The Promise by Kevorkian Death Cycle

The Promise by Kevorkian Death Cycle

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