Caramella Girls Game On Devices

The Caramella Girls wanted to share their joy in the resurgence in the appeal to their music. The next logical step was making something that would involve their fans in the music. this took shape in the Caramella Girls game for hand held devices.

The Caramella Girls Game is like a hand held Just Dance game meet Guitar Hero. The buttons are part of the face plate of the device and you can get the Caramella Girls to dance to their first hit song, Caramelldansen.

If music that has a dose of Bubblegum combined with Europop and J-pop, then this will be a game that you will enjoy. Check out the video above to see what the game is like. Click here to go to the official page for the game. It explains where to get it and how much it will cost.

Tokyo by Caramella Girls

Corona Virus Tips by Caramella Girls

Wish Upon A Star by Caramella Girls