AMONdj's Birthday Gift To The World

AMONdj had a birthday this past week. Many love this fated day for the time with loved ones and the gifts that are given to the birthday person. AMONdj spent time with his loved ones, but decided to be the one with a gift to those that love his DJing skills. This comes in the shape of a song that he composed and is sharing for the listening pleasures of the world. You can go to his Soundcloud profile to hear it or simple look to the bottom of this article and we have put it up for you to hear it without all that hassle.

We wish to give a belated birthday to AMONdj and encourage everyone to hear this song made for those that love music and hopefully they will enjoy this gift from one of the rising talents in Europe.

Dark Industrial Mix By AMoNdj For Free!

AMoNdj Joins Music Eternal

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