7th Survey Offers Unique Music From Eastern Europe

7th Survey by Unexplained Sounds Group is an exploration in Experimental and Noise music from some of the rising artists in Eastern Europe. This project is headed and managed by the musical artist in Sonologyst.

This unique compilation (also known as Eastern Europe experimental underground 015 survey) shows the brillance of the talent that is surfacing in the Eastern areas of Europe. This collection of songs gives a keen insight on many of the furture musical minds in the genres that are an exploration of music.

Below is a player that will give you a presentation of the music in this collection of music. The music can be purchasded on Bandcamp for only €6. If you like what you are hearing please click here to go to the page to purchase it, or you can click on the link in the player.

Beyond The Logic Of Science by Sonologyst

3 Day Houseparty by Brioni Faith

A Secret by This Eternal Decay