4 Days Of Halloween: Halloween

Many people know of October 31 as the one true day to Halloween. How many people know of the other three days that are related to it?

All four of the days in most cases draw their ties to both the Catholic Church and the Pagans. For the Pagans it is the start of a new year or the end to Summer. The Catholics recognize November 1st as All Saint's Day and November 2nd as All Soul's Day.

There are multiple meanings to each respective day, but we will attempt to break these down in a fashion that will make the best sense. This break down will be based on the respective day. The accuracy of this information is subjective to the overall category or a specific subgroup of that category.

October 31st - Halloween/All Hallowed Eve/Eve To Day Of The Dead

Common View: This is the day that many kids dress up in spooky costumes and go door to door saying "Trick or Treat," in the hopes of getting candy for their efforts.

Pagan View: To some Pagans this signifies the end of the Summer season and the beginning of Fall. It also is viewed by some as the end of the Pagan year. Thus, this is both a religious day in terms of Nature's annual cycle and also as New Year's Eve.

Catholic View: To many of the Catholics this is the day before All Saint's Day, to others it is the eve to Day Of The Dead (which would begin at midnight). There are the rare few that see the true start of Day Of The Dead to be at dusk of October 31st.

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