4 Days Of Halloween: All Saint's Day

Many people know of October 31 as the one true day to Halloween. How many people know of the other three days that are related to it?

All four of the days in most cases draw their ties to both the Catholic Church and the Pagans. For the Pagans it is the start of a new year or the end to Summer. The Catholics recognize November 1st as All Saint's Day and November 2nd as All Soul's Day.

There are multiple meanings to each respective day, but we will attempt to break these down in a fashion that will make the best sense. This break down will be based on the respective day. The accuracy of this information is subjective to the overall category or a specific subgroup of that category.

November 1st - All Hallows Day/Day Of The Dead/All Saint's Day

Common View: This is just a typical day, with the exception of Latin America (particularly Mexico and Brazil), Spain, and Portugal.

Pagan View: This is the first day of autumn and is the time of bounty before the time of slumber (winter). It is also seen by some as the birth of the new Cycle Of Nature (some will dispute it is actually Spring). Overall, it is a special day to this religion.

Catholic View: For the Catholics, there are two base views to this day that are commonly embraced. We will cover each on in two separate paragraphs.

Day Of The Dead is unification of both All Saint's Day and also to holidays from the pre-Hispanic era. Much of this is tied to the original people of what is now Latin America (which is closely similar to the Pagan views), and the Catholic traditions. This is meant to be a day where people remember the people of their family that died and leave them gifts. Some consider this to be the one day out of the year where the dead family members and friends can come to visit the living.

All Saint's Day is the Holy Day Of Obligation. Simply put, this day has the same value as Whit Sunday after Pentecost. To miss Mass on this day requires something of great importance as it is the one day that Saint's are expected to dedicate to the religion.

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