2016 Is Beginning To Take Shape For Leæther Strip

Leæther Strip is already seeing 2016 take shape in the growing list of places requesting performances. This epic Industrial powerhouse is already taking orders for their live performances throughout Europe and the US will likely begin to take shape in  the coming months.

Claus Larsen is the heart and soul of both Klutæ and Leæther Strip. Between these two and his loving family time is a rare commodity that he has at hand. He is always working on new music and always strives to do as many concerts possible. This has made one of the the musicians in the world that has had a very loyal fan base that know that he is dedicating a huge part of his life to presenting his music to them. He is one of the true artists that wants to share the beauty in his music to those that appreciate it.

As the concerts for the duo of bands that Claus has take shape, we will ensure to keep you in the loop. He is one class acts that everyone should see live is his growing list of performances. If you want to see him perform in your home town, have your town's concert promoters book him: leather_strip@vip.cybercity.dk. His schedule is taking shape for 2016 and this is the time to get things in motion.

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