in-FUSED, What's Good In Electro-Industrial

in-FUSED is one of the creative side projects of Electro-Industrial genius, Tommy T. Rapisardi. This creation combines many of the best elements of Electro-Industrial and Experimental to make for songs that also touch many other genres in this exploration of music. Some of the samples in the songs are iconic and help personalize many of the songs for those that are new to this music. One perfect example is DonutSNATCHER, it brings some of the sampling of Homer Simpson right to the listeners. The way that Tommy brings it all together makes for some truly impressive songs that embrace many of the older elements that made Electro-Industrial what it is today while not being bound to a genre or time frame.

Tommy T. Rapisardi has always shown that he had a broad vision to music that would rival some of the truly great creative minds in Electronic music and in-FUSED is one of the outlets that shines in this respect. The songs are unique interpretations to a genre that Tommy has called home as a label owner, musical artist, and DJ for decades. This level of intimacy can be felt in the music and gives something more than just songs. These are slivers of a creative mind that has been around since the beginning and shows what makes this genre worth investing into by any fan that listens.

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