i:Scintilla The Beautiful Hard Place In Music

i:Scintilla is a Rock and Electro-Industrial band from Chicago. For the past decade, they have been playing the impressive music composed and sung by Brittany Bindrim. This band has been one of the artistic outlets that has performed in all corners of the world and showing that even the harder edged music can be beautiful. This is even more true with the stunning vocals of Brittany leading the music in each performance.

As of late, they have had a number of big events lined up for their fans. They love the music they make and the world of music that they call home. This can be seen in all the places they have performed in, the Belgian label that presents their talents, and even more so in the performances they do in their home town. This devotion they show makes it easy for us to be devoted to them, the latest member of the Music Eternal family.

I:Scintilla @ Stamps Bar

I:Scintilla @ Pie Shop DC

I:Scintilla @ Fallout