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Your Bunny Rot, DSBP Certified Powerhouse!

Your Bunny Rot is a band that has surfaced from Israel and shown a style that has gained instant appeal by those that have heard their music. The old school feel of the vocals mixed with the aggressive stye that can only be found in EBM and Agrotech makes for a very potent mix in their music. This one-two punch has given comparisons of their music as a hybrid of the aggressive feel in Combichrist and the more base style of Front 242, all in one band.

For those that like what they hear, their music can be purchased through the DSBP Records.Stay tuned to Music Eternal as Your Bunny Rot is one of the latest members of the Music Eternal family!

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  Design and Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics: © Your Bunny Rot

  Design and Context: © Music Eternal; Graphics: © Your Bunny Rot


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