Xentrifuge, Electronic Music With An Attitude


The United States has always been one of the places where the brightest lights of the music world shine. Xentrifuge is one of the artists that shows what can happen when a musical act is driven to making the type of Agrotech and EBM that will make your ears bleed and you will like it! This New Jersey band has been the creation of Chris X and his means of gathering like minded artists into making some of the music that has dominated the Easter US seaboard.

Xentrifuge's music has a thriving fan base and their music can be heard throughout Europe, North America, and is expanding to other parts of the world. The latest place they have expanded into is the Music Eternal family!

Desensitized Parallels by Xentrifuge

Live Music Video Of N.M.E. by Xentrifuge

Xentrifuge @ DARQ