XP8 Is One Of The Great Italian Music Exports

There are so many good bands that are coming out of Italy and XP8 is one of the bands that is spear heading the charge! This dynamic duo has been one of the forces in Electronic music for roughly the past decade and have shown that they are just barely getting started.

Many bands try to connect with their fans, but there are a rare few that will travel the world to present the music to their fans. XP8 has done countless tours with the intent of showing that their music is sinful to miss by those that love EBM, Electro-Industrial, and a number of dance genres. This is one of the bands that will be making a ton of noise at festivals in Europe and will be performing at countless venues. Be sure to check them out as they are truly a sight to behold live!

The devotion to the music and their fans has made XP8 a favorite among music enthusiasts and we are happy to present them as one of the newest members of the Music Eternal family.

Burning Down by XP8

Burning Down by XP8

Camden Town by XP8