WANT/ed Shows A New Perspective On Synthpop

Synthpop has been one of the dominant genres to take a strong hold of Eurasia. Its lighter feel and upbeat tempo is a reflection of the genres that once dominated main stream music in the 1980's. One of the bands that has given a new perspective to Synthpop is WANT/ed.

WANT/ed has been one of the thriving Russian bands that has seen a growing level of support in Europe and Asia. As more people hear their music, their fan base expands. Much of their music shows the fresh perspective that has come from Russia, combined with the depth of understanding in music that each of the members of WANT/ed has in presenting their music to the world. Just like their song, Future Rhythm, they are one of the bright stars in the future that many will want to keep an eye on.

Music Eternal is proud to present WANT/ed as one of the latest members to the Music Eternal family. We know they have a ton of potential and are eager to spread the word on all the ventures that this impressive band takes in the Music World.

Show Me (Nordika Remix) by WANT/ed

You're Right (Sleekey Mix) by WANT/ed

GEWC: Fringe by WANT/ed