Vidna Obmana, A Dark Ambient Foundation

Vidna Obmana was the vehicle that Belgian musician Dirk Serries used to create and present his Dark Ambient music. This band was paramount in playing a vital role in the development and the recognition of Dark Ambient music to the world. In a respect that would make Dirk Serries one of the fathers of what Dark Ambient music is today and in the direction it is progressing to.

Such a talented and influencial artist as Dirk Serries has been a foundation to countless other artists in all that he has done through Vidna Obmana. It is through this band that he worked with a number of other great artists like Steve Roach, Diefo Borotti, and Asmus Tietchens. The expanse of the influence in the music made through Vidna Obmana is still being felt in the music world that will be affecting artists for many years to come.

Bring Out Your Dead by Vidna Obmana

The Esoteric Source by Vidna Obmana

Mellow At Heart by Vidna Obmana