The Pirate Twins, Great Minds For Any Dance Floor


The Pirate Twins is the joint venture of two members of The Bellweather Syndicate, William Faith and Scary Lady Sarah. William Faith is well known for his involvement with a number of bands including Wreckage and Faith And The Muse. Scary Lady Sarah is a global power house of a DJ with over two decades of experience. She has performed on some of the biggest stages in the Gothic and Electronic genres, including Whitby Gothic Weekend in the UK and Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Germany. For more than two decades she has presented to the Chicago music world her 18+ dark alternative dance night, Nocturna.

The backgrounds that both William and Sarah present in The Pirate Twins makes for a fusion of variety that has made their shows together epic and a growing attraction to those that have heard of them. This has already led to The Pirate Twins having bookings that rival what either of these artists could do on their own and gives the music world something new from two established minds in the music world. This type of union is truly special and we are grateful to have this duo in the Music Eternal family!

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