The Gothsicles Fuse Music & Gaming Flawlessly

When you have one man on a mission, great things can happen. One of these great things is the creation of the band The Gothsicles. Brian Graupner has been shaking the music world with his powerful blend of electronic game themed songs and his overpowering vocals that drive the lyrics through the listener like a crossbow bolt.

For almost a decade The Gothsicles have been the band that has made music that shows the games of old with the zeal that came with each game's initial release. It is this tone that gives the music a type of energy that most songs could never fathom on reaching. This sets a tone in the music that grants the band a ton of freedom to express their music and have a synergy that makes the songs an experience for The Gothsicles and their listeners. We are happy to present this special approach to music and gaming in The Gothsicles, the latest member of the Music Eternal family!

The Gothsicles @ QXT's Night Club

The Gothsicles @ Area 51

The Gothsicles @ RavenCon 13.5