The Beauty Of Gemina, The Darker Side Of Music

The Beauty Of Geminia has been one of the bands that has given a strong boost of vitality in the Dark Wave and Rock genres with their unique presentation of what good music is. The deep vocals of Michael Sele combined with their strong beat in their music gives a powerful one two punch for those that love the darker side of rock music.

For close to a decade The Beauty Of Gemina has been one of the bands that has set the pace that many other bands have sought to keep up with. This driven direction that this band has had is main due to the creative spark that lingers within Michael Sele and his ideals of what good music is. He sets a impressive standard that is his perception of what good music is and it is this devotion to his music that has made him one of the artists that many love to listen to. The band is currently on tour with the Golden Apes in their ambition of presenting their music to the world one venue at a time. This endless devotion to an eternal love like music is one of the countless reasons that we are honored to welcome The Beauty Of Gemina into the Music Eternal family.

The World Is Going On by The Beauty Of Gemina

Voices Of Winter by The Beauty Of Gemina

The Beauty Of Gemina @ WGT