Testube Is The Experimentation Of Music

Testube is an experimental electronic project of Jeff Danos. Since its inception in 1994, it has been an exploration in sounds, rhythms, and samples. This exploration has led Jeff to create songs that are not part of the norm and have claimed a spot in the Experimental subgenre of Electronic music.

Over the course of the past two decades, Testube has been one of the frontrunners in how the songs are developed and these have been inspirational to other artists, fans, and even other members of the music industry. There are some lovers of music that consider Experimental music to be nothing, but noise. They are right and wrong. Even the structured chaotic nature of Experimental music shows the talents of the musician and it has its own design and presentation as music. It is the unorthodox of this music that has made many fans and the different perception it offers in music has been illuminating to those that have listened with an open mind.

Testube may be only a "project" to some, but it is these projects that are truly what music is all about. They are taking a chance to explore what the artists feels and thinks in the shape of music and sharing it to the masses. Either people love it or hate it, but it is true to the artist. Music in any form never dies and it is in songs of genres like Experimental that there is no era or limits, just the exploration and discovery of what creativity the artist truly has within.

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