TONTTU, A Finnish War On Gnomes

TONTTU is a Finnish band that brings a wide variety of weaponry in the form of music. Their songs are diverse in style and fluid in delivery. It doesn't matter if the focus is Industrial Metal, Ambient, or Folk Metal, this is a band that seeks to bring the best sounds to their listeners.

One of the unique approaches to TONTTU is their theme of waging a lasting war against the tyranny of Gnomes. Considering that gnomes have been viewed differently in many parts of the world, this approach has given them a wide playground in presenting a brutal war that also reflects the mood of their music. Some of the music is more aggressive in nature granting a feel of pending war, other songs give a more calm that could be felt in the aftermath. TONTTU has shown a genius in presenting music that can gives more than just a good song, it gives an image that sparks the creativity in their war against the unyielding onslaught of the gnome army.


GNOSTROGOTH (Gnalpha & Gnomega) by TONTTU

Eksistentiaalinen Tonttupelko by TONTTU