Synthetik Visions Radio Is Breaking Many Of The Barriers In Music

Synthetik Visions Radio has been one of the staples to the DJs of the United States (Florida in particular) and has shown a unique union of all forms of Electronic Music. They began as more of a darker radio station that started touching the more club driven electronic songs. As time has progressed they have made for a powerful mix of both into a fun blend of EBM, EDM, Electro-Industrial, House, Trance, Acid, Eurodance, and a hint of Gothic, Darkwave, and Ethereal.

The music scene in Florida has been one of the trendsetters in United States. Orlando has had some references of becoming the Ibiza of the United States and the fact that DJs like OttoBot and Robb Blak calling it home has also helped establish this fact. This foundation has made Orlando into one of the attractive stops for artists like ATB and Cosmic Gate to name a few.

Synthetik Visions Radio has called Orlando home for a number of years and has brought in many of the most promising DJs from the Orlando scene to show what this Dance format club driven city offers. They impact has been infectious to those in Europe that have wanted to see what the more upbeat Electronic scene is like in the United States. This is one station that has become one of the bridges between Europe and the US. They are proof that there is unity in music.

The countless hours that the Synthetik Visions Radio crew have put into their station has made it an impressive and welcome location for visitors. They never tire in sharing what they have to offer the world in music and it is that level of devotion that drew Music Eternal to them as a partner. We hope that this combo will be a huge positive impact to the many bands, labels, and fans out there that want to see what the Music World has to offer.

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