Robb Blak Is More Than A DJ

Robb Blak has been one of the shooting stars of the Orlando music scene. When he decided to get into Trance Music he showed a level of passion, understanding, and mixing skill that has been impressive. He has been one of the sought after DJs in the Orlando club scene and also has been on of the cornerstones as a RJ on Synthetik Visions Radio. As of late he has taken time off from Synthetik Visions Radio, but he has something special for the SVR listeners that will be breaking soon!

As an Orlando DJ he has worked with such global acts as Cosmic Gate and has shown that he is the perfect compliment to any club that has a wish to fill the dance floors with masses of people that love music. His depth of knowing how to share the energy in the music to the listeners has made him one of the respected DJs that has come out of Florida and one of the newest members of Music Eternal that we are excited to see in the Music World!

When Robb Blak presents his new SVR schedule we will be the first to spread the word to everyone so that you can first hand hear this musical magician at work.

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