Reverend 23 Is The DJ Within The Mountains That Keeps The Dance Floor Alive!

One of the centerpieces of Utah's EBM and Industrial club scenes is Reverend 23. He has DJ'd at the bulk of the main clubs in Salt Lake City and has ventured to other cities in his quest to play music that people love when it comes to the darker side of the night life.

When people think of the club life that still exists in Salt Lake City, many of them never think of the DJ that has kept the perfect balance of new music and the music they know and love. Reverend 23 has been the DJ behind the scenes that has kept the balance in the music and kept the mood of the dance floor where patrons dance the night away. His playlists have drawn the club goers for roughly two decades to clubs such as Club Vegas and Area 51. If there is a list of people that have kept the music thriving in this city within the Rocky Mountains, Reverend 23 has to be on it.

We are glad to have this Salt Lake City icon in the Music Eternal family. His devotion to music and his desire to play the best there is in music for club patrons is inspiring.

TECH-NOIR: Request Night

TECH-NOIR: Devil's Night

TECH-NOIR: Tribute To Skinny Puppy