Remembrance: A Tribute To Ric Laciak Playlist


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12am - 3am    Ric's Requests
3am - 4am    Dora Blue Compilation (Released on RAS DVA)
4am - 6am    Tribute Industrial/Electro-Industrial Music from 1980 - 1995
6am - 9am    Ric's Requests
9am - 12pm    Tribute Industrial/Electro-Industrial Music from 1980 - 1995
12pm - 3pm    Ric's Requests
3pm - 6pm    Tribute Industrial/Electro-Industrial Music from 1980 - 1995
6pm - 9pm    Ric's Requests
9pm - 12am    Draven's Tribute Set Of Music To Stir The Soul And Remember Ric

12pm - 3pm    Ric's Requests

Artist Song
Vatican Requiem (V1.2)
Thine Eyes Taunted
Nightmare Lodge The Glorious Animal
Ringtailed Snorter Void
Haujobb Maternal Instinct
Abscess Dead Days
Necrofix Welcome To The Big Sleep
Din Fiv Terminal Condition
Jihad Hands That Hide
Alien Faktor Clip The Wings
Blok 57 Mean Machine
Placebo Effect Painted Flowers
Monastary Disease
Mainesthai Y (Ma Ma's Crazy Kitchen Mix)
Pain Station The End Of You
Leæther Strip No Rest For The Wicked (No Vox Version)
Mentallo & The Fixer Decomposed (Grimpen Ward Mix)
Venus Walk Isolation
Whirligig Dead-N-Gone
Lights of Euphoria Reaching Out
Klinik Animal Torture
Informätik At Your Command
Oneiroid Psychosis 81 X Ray
Noxious Emotion FPMO (Fucking Pissing Me Off)
Total Harmonic Distortion Hypo (S.A. Mix)
Spahn Ranch One Of These Days
Psychopomps Superpsycho
Out Out Null (V.0.9)
Suicide Commando Where Do We Go From Here?
A-Head Deep Down Keep My Soul Down
Idiot Stare Oranges
Benestrophe Shall Not Want
Yeht Mae Gun Control
Dive Bloodmoney
Fiction 8 In The Dark (Final Mix)
Violet Arcana Liquid Bleeding
Fortification 55 Tibet Gate
Godheads Eternal Youth


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