Reaxion Guerilla Is A South American Powerhouse

EBM and Agrotech is truly a global force. Reaxion Guerilla is one of the latest bands that fit into this family of music that originates from Lima, Peru. Their music is a form of aggressive dance music with an attitude. The driving beats and the assailing vocals has made many of their songs an instant appeal to those that like a good beat that can really get the heart rate pushing the blood.

The magnetic draw of their music has been impressive to see how it has garnered them a growing fan base and a higher level of visibility than most would expect. Reaxion Guerilla is one band that has no limits in what they can do in the more aggressive world of Electronic Music and we are proud to present them as one of the newest members of Music Eternal!

Enjoy This Pain by Reaxion Guerrilla

Bleeding To Death by Reaxion Guerrilla

Cyberkillers by Reaxion Guerrilla