Prototyp Brings A Focused Approached As A Label

Prototyp Records is the daughter label to the Swedish label Memento Materia. Prototyp Records is more focused than its parent label in the styles of music it focuses in on. The main genres that Prototyp hits are the Industrial family of genres, EBM, and Harsh Electro. This makes the roster on this child label more focused in what they offer the world and also where this label can place a more focused approach in how to help, market, and support their artists. Some of the bands on their roster are Colony 5, Run Level Zerom and Interlace.

Like Memento Materia, Prototyp is a label headquarted out of Sweden that uses an approach of a smaller lineup to place a heavier focus on the needs of their artists. It also makes for those that work on this label to almost be specialized in the music they with since they work with such a select grouping of genres. This affords them to have a better understanding of the various needs of their artists and how to give them the support that they might need. This specialization gives then a faster turn around and a more direct means of helping their bands and getting their music out to the fans in the world.

This streamlined approach has been one of the countless reasons that we are happy to present Prototyp as the latest member of Music Eternal.

Obey by Priest

Edge Of The Night by She Hates Emotions

Cyberage Radio Playlist 05/26/2020