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Promo Rush Dark, Production Done Right

Promo Rush has had such an impact in the world of Eurodance, EDM, House, and Pop music that they decided to expand their skills into other genres. This has led to them creating a new brand in the shape of Promo Rush Dark!

Promo Rush Dark focuses on the darker side of music, this entails EBM, Futurepop, Agrotech, Electro-industrial, and all the related genres. These genres tend to get the hard end of the stick at times as they are viewed as "evil" in some social groups. These genres are actually some of the thriving genres in North America, Europe, Russia, and have even have begun to influence J-Pop and J-Rock.

The artists have all the talent, ambition, and desire, but there is still so much more that is needed to take the leap where they can have a finished product that can be presented to the world. A rare few artists are the exception, but there are too many that lack the overall skills and the understanding of the brand marketing in music to have an impact. Promo Rush has been working in the music world for decades and now their skills have been extended to these darker genres. They have worked on making their services affordable as they know that many of these artists need all the help that they can get to make that big leap and Promo Rush Dark is there for them.

Promo Rush Dark are striving to raise to help the artists and we are happy to have them in the Music Eternal family.

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