Pre-order Karma In Mortem Today!

Subliminal Code has a new album coming out that shows the latest from this Venezuelan Agrotech trio. The album, Karma In Mortem, has a scheduled release date of the 14th of July and will be bringing in the skills of a number of other masters in the harder side of Electronic music. Most of these will be at the helm of remixing many of the new songs that Subliminal Code to show the many aspects to each song.

The actual mixing on Karma In Mortem will be done by Dimitry Darling of Freakangel. The mastering will be broken down by CD (yes this is more one CD!). The first CD will be mastered by Jan of X-Fusion, while Sander Kapper of Stahlnebel & Black Selket will be hitting the second CD. That means that the CD is in good hands each step of the way and Subliminal Code has had the freedom to hit the full composition and development of the album with this in mind. That gives a ton of freedom for them to focus on the quality of the music which truly shows. This is looking to be one of the best albums by this South American band and one of the many good reasons that their fans will have to request for them to do a global tour. Spread the music to their fans, one city at a time.

Check out the track below and see what you think. If this is an album that sounds enticing to you, then they have provided a resource where you can pre-order it on the Advoxya Records site (which you can get to by clicking here).

The Cancer Of The World Is Human Beings by Subliminal Code

Pre-Order Soldier Of Hell Reborn by Subliminal Code

The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson Cover) by Subliminal Code