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Nivek Tek Is A Standard For A Good DJ

Nivek Tek has been gaining a strong reputation as an Internet DJ with the regular radio shows that he performs each week. It is this appeal that has drawn him to more than one radio station and where he has been developing a growing fan base as the months continue to move onward.

Ambition and support by the music community are two assets that Nivek Tek has as he continues to explore more into the darker facets of music. Much of the genres he touches are EBM, Indy Music, New Wave, Dark Wave, Cold Wave, Gothic Rock, Electro-Industrial, Agrotech, and Post Punk. He is the definition of a curious music lover as he continues to explore the music in the world and gaining a deeper understanding of the music that is out there. Like any true DJ, Nivek Tek strives to share his discoveries to his fan base. It is this childlike passion to discover the music out there that is truly admirable and one of the many reasons why we are grateful to have him as one of the newest members of the Music Eternal family!

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