MooD Trio Are Jazz And So Much More

Davide Ricci, Luca Foschieri, and Anuar Arebi are the people that comprise the dynamic Italian band MooD Trio. They dabble in Rock and Electronic, but their true passion that shines in is the many flavors of Jazz and the smooth feeling they give in each note played. It is this center in Jazz that has helped them extend to other genres and not lose their identity as artists. Much of their music gives a lighter feel to songs that even remakes they do show a more fun presentation that the original artists may not have had. This lighter feel has made many of these remakes as good background music or songs worthy of being played in a night club with an Electronic dance feel to it.

Much of the visual presentations of MooD Trio are more simple in approach. This might be that they have little need to do fancy light shows and entertaining floor presentations as they music is all the show that they need. Many bands have a hard time in being able to do this form of performance, but MooD Trio has brought the best elements of Jazz concerts into other formats. This approach has given them a special way in presenting their music in other genres where the focus is on the music and less on the frills that can sometimes dominate a concert instead of enhancing it.

MooD Trio spends a massive amount of time in their own custom sound studio that was fashioned in an informal and unorthodox setting. A number of bands start out this way and aspire for a more professional location to do their music. Many times this change in scenery can change the mood for the music and alter the way it is presented. MooD Trio have shown that keep to the roots and evolving the music in a setting where comfort of the artists can have a bigger impact for the better. The key that they have shown in their music production is to have a hybrid where the setting and the professional needs to ensure quality in the music are paramount. Many of their develop albums show the unique approach that they take in how they have evolved it into its form of artistry.

As time progresses, bands will explore and try new directions in music. The key in this is if they can do it without sacrificing who they are as artists or the foundation they have in their musical identity. MooD Trio is one of the perfect examples of this progression and how they have incorporated new elements without severing parts of their music style that have made them so appealing to so many.

August 2015: MooD Trio

Footloose/Johnny Be Good Medley by MooD Trio

Need You Tonight (INXS Cover) by Night Club