Ministry Mondays Equals Free Music!

Al Jourgensen and Sammy D. are releasing FREE Ministry remixes they have done every Monday. This was originally supposed to start right after the World Cup, but due to a Music Eternal family emergency we are starting a bit late. The week we will be fixing that and getting an entry for each week in the Free Music section of Music Eternal. This way you can get all the past FREE Ministry music and just to let you know, each week has more than a song by Ministry. What is contained in each download will be listed in each entry.

Okay, this is almost free. We ask all of you to do three simple the Facebook fan page for Alien Jourgensen, like the fan page for Ministry, and post a message on either letting "Uncle" Al know that you appreciate him giving away free music by one of the greatest Industrial bands ever!.

And now a word from "Uncle" Al, explaining it all and giving praise to the German team for winning it all in the World Cup!

Vote 2020 by Ministry

30: The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste

(Every Day Is) Halloween (Acoustic) by Ministry