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Lights, Lasers, Music...VuuV Festival

The VuuV Festival is Germany's oldest Psytrance festival that brings all the old standards and melds them in with all the newest methods in sharing the music to the fan of this style of music. The massive effort put in to the lasers, the visual effects, and the harmony it has with the feel that only Psytrance can give come in each year of the festival. This year has been marked as something very special. The people involved with the VuuV Festival have created a new approach that will help push the epic feel of each festival and raise it to new heights. The festival will have some upgrades in the sound system and the light system making this year one that will easily blow any visual production in the world out of the water. Combining this with the music that is in the Psytrance family and it promises to something truly special.

If you love Psychedelic Trance and the magic that comes from this form of creative expressionism, then VuuV will be one event you will not want to miss! Many over the past years have marveled at the high standards in how the festival presents the best qualities in this special form of Trance music. The best way to truly express what it is like to be at the VuuV festival would be to envision the best rave that has ever happened in the world, not give it steroids and a deeper love for music. Now you can glimpse at the magnitude of effort that is put into each of the VuuV Festivals. 2014 has been planned to make all the past VuuV Festivals look outdated. What this means is that this should be the festival of the year for not just Germany, but the world.

Get a glimpse below at the 2011 VuuV Festival and get a taste of what is coming in under two months in Germany!

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