Level 2.0 And Bandcamp, A Lethal Combo For Pre-Christmas

Level 2.0 is an electronic band out of central Florida that has been gaining a growing level of appeal. They music is aggressive melded with a dance feel that has made their music standout from the rest of the Electronic music pack. They have had a growing number of albums available from a number of labels and now have it all centralized for those that want good music.

Taking advantage of the resources on Bandcamp, Level 2.0 has made all their music and merchandise easy for people to preview and purchase. This has always been one of the perks with Bandcamp and now Level 2.0 has made it where these resources can be utilized to gain their full collection of music. This is something that an avid fan of electronic music will love. This is a perfect resource with Christmas right around the corner as they offer the music digital and in some cases you can also purchase the physical copies of their music. As with all physical merchandise, it may run out so it is better to hit while the music is still in stock! If you are more in preference to just purchasing the digital copies, you can send them to people as gifts.

Click Here To Go To Their Bandcamp Profile and make Santa envious as you do his job with some amazing music!

The Sound Of Goodbye by Level 2.0

Elusive EP by Level 2.0