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Jack Phoenix, A Travelling DJ At His Best

Many DJs strive to have one place as their home base, some are lucky and can have more than one in the same city. It is truly rare to find one that will travel over a region and focus more on being a guest DJ that the masses can hear on those special occasions. Jack Phoenix has shown that he is nomadic in his travels and that he can thrive in a design that only a select few DJs can.

Jack Phoenix is a United States DJ that has performed throughout the Eastern United States. His willing to travel and his depth in skill and love for the music he spins has made his demand constant for a growing number of events. It is his willingness to travel, to perform for the people, and to spread the word on the incredible music out there that has made him an inspiration to many.

Being a DJ is challenging work for those that strive to be the best in their trade. Jack has expanded into also performing in the virtual world. Currently his skills are shown in their brilliance on WFKU where they can be heard every week! You will have to tune in and hear one of his impressive shows.

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