Is It All Worth Fighting For by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

We would like to thank Apocalyptic Dream Machine for sending us a copy of their latest album, Is It All Worth Fighting For. This is an emerging musical project by the gifted artist, Dana Sandoval. He is developing his style in a direction unique to himself. In this he is creating a direction that will represent some aspects of the artists that inspired him, but adding his own creativity in his music. The direction he is developing is one that hasn't been taken by others and where it leads only Dana will truly know.

On the following page we have a song by Apocalyptic Dream Machine for you to see what they have to offer. The other option is to go directly to the CDBaby page and preview the songs on the album by clicking here. The album can either be purchased for $9.99 USD for download or $12.97 USD for a physical copy.

We will have a review on this album in the upcoming weeks to give you a more in depth perspective of what Apocalyptic Dream Machine has to offer.

Crest Fallin Within Emptiness by Apocalyptic Dream Machine

Thank You Apocalyptic Dream Machine

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