In Strict Confidence Are Unity In Music

In Strict Confidence began as a joint venture of the duo of Dennis Ostermann and Jörg Schelte. Today this expanded to include three other core artists and in the expansion of these new members (and one former member), In Strict Confidence has been a reflection of their songwriting and musical talents. The unity in the vision that is found in this band over the past two decades has solidified them as one of the dominant Electro-Industrial bands of Germany.

Many people that know of In Strict Confidence tend to think of Dennis Ostermann and Nina de Lianin as the iconic artists in the band, but this has been a band that has shown true harmony in the members that have been a part of it. It is this approach that has had an impact in the music, the imagery in the photos associated with the band, and how it is marketed in the world. These are some key focal points where this band has thrived where others have faltered as they can use the resources of the label they are on and still have a stable foundation within the band.

A large number of bands in the Electronic genre have used In Strict Confidence as a foundation of how a band should be set up. This is where this band's ability adapt to the evolution of music and the marketing related to music has been invaluable to other artists as well as to the band itself. It also helps that the band has made it possible for their fans to have contact with them in concerts, social media, and even strive to present relevant information on their website. This effort has helped In Strict Confidence have a bond with their fans and to forge a family with them. This kinship has helped this band continue to thrive regardless of the years that pass.

The unity that In Strict Confidence shows begins with the band and ends with the fans. It is this bond in all respects that shows that the music world truly is one big family. This band loves those that are part of its family and those that are part of their family love them for all that they share in their music.

Hate2love & Mercy 2LP Vinyl by In Strict Confidence

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Mercy by In Strict Confidence