Grooving In Green, A Style Unto Their Own

Grooving In Green brings two of the key people from Children On Stun back together in doing what they do best, make music that people love. This band has been adding new members to flesh out the organic feel of the music. This style is meant to show a different progression that is true to the style that is symbolic of Grooving In Green. Where many other bands will add more electronic in their progression, this is one of the rare bands that brings in more musicians to give a more complete presentation in the music. They embrace their roots and have found a better way for them in developing the style and the sound of their music.

Just as Children On Stun was named after a March Violets song, Grooving In Green takes the same honor in paying tribute to one of the artists that was impactful in the style and love for music that the composers of this band's music. Considering that the composers were from both this band and the band before and that they are the foundation for both bands is quite fitting. Their music is their own and their name pays tribute to those that inspired them, this is something very impressive that we are happy to present in the latest member of the Music Eternal family.

Ninth Circle by Grooving In Green

Grooving In Green @ The Haunt

Grooving In Green @ Night People