Gentleman Junkie Is A True Fix For Music

Gentleman Junkie has been the solo creation of Ed Korn and his tool of bringing new music to the world. Being a band out of Los Angeles, Gentleman Junkie is either doing concerts or working in the studio on new music. This band is a testament to the level of a music junkie Ed truly is. Being addicted to art is never a bad thing, especially when you are the artist that is making what many others hunger to hear.

It is this type of involvement in music that has made Ed Korn so respected in his hometown and Gentleman Junkie on of the bands on the rise. It is also these factors that made him one of the best additions to the Music Eternal Family.

Soul To Soul Teaser by Gentleman Junkie

To Be The King by Gentleman Junkie

Cyberage Radio Playlist 05/28/2020