Distorted Religion by Kevorkian Death Cycle

Kevorkian Death Cycle released their latest album in July of 2014. This album has had a ton of perks, many positive reviews, and is available on the Negative Gain Productions Bandcamp page!

For only $20 US dollars you can get this single and a Distorted Religion T-Shirt all in one purchase! This is one of the releases that truly shows the genius that is in Kevorkian Death Cycle and why they are one of the permanent fixtures in the Electronic and Industrial branches of the music world.

Distorted Religion offers four tracks that are two original songs and a remix of each song by two other impressive bands in the music world, HexRx and Assemblage 23. If you are still not certain, you can hear the track below.

1   Distorted Religion
2   The Promise
3   Distorted Religion (Remixed by Assemblage 23)
4   The Promise (Remixed by HexRx)

Click Here To Go To Negative Gain Productions Bandcamp page to purchase!

The Promise by Kevorkian Death Cycle

The Promise by Kevorkian Death Cycle

Mind Decay (A Brilliant Massacre Remix) by Kevorkian Death Cycle