Demon Boy Is Here To Stay!

What happens when you add the Shock Rock of Alice Cooper, the atmosphere of a horror comic book, and a ton of hard driving metal? You get Demon Boy and their music that has created an almost cult following that would make Rocky Horror Picture Show envious.

Demon Boy brings all the best elements of the 80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, the darker side of life, and the charisma of Demon Boy himself to make for a powerful combination in their music and live performances. This is one of the bands that will not go quietly in the night and will show what a real concert in the Northeastern United States really should be.

This hard riff playing and dark band is one of the latest to join the Music Eternal family. Demon Boy will make sure this party never sleeps!

Demon Boy On ISX Radio

My Coffin by Demon Boy

Pain by Demon Boy