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DSBP Records Releases Your Bunny Rot's, For The Fallen Ones

One of the heavy hitters on DSBP Records is back with a new album! Your Bunny Rot showed a ton of impressive talent in their first album and this album, For The Fallen Ones, takes their progression in good music a few steps further. This Israeli Electro-Industrial and EBM band has developed a hard hitting style that in some songs shows an edgy aggressive style similar to Futurepop. Other songs nail home a biting style that shows a powerful combination of Electro-Industrial and Agrotech. For The Fallen Ones takes the listeners in the next step of music through the talents of Your Bunny Rot.

If you would like to get your own copy of their second album, they can be purchased from DSBP Records website (Click here to go to their site). If you are still uncertain if this album is for you, we have placed a means below for you to hear the songs directly from Soundcloud.

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