Bio-Mechanical Degeneration, 1 Album Is Not Enough

Bio-Mechanical Degeneration is the result when two musically talented artists combine their skills into one direction. The music brings forth many of the elements that are symbolic of the older Industrial Rock and Electro-Industrial. It also adds a special style that is a fusion of these two styles with a form of Trance and EBM. The end result is a very impressive style that has a feel that can't be nailed down by any true comparison.

The two artists, Tommy Rapisardi (of Diverje and DSBP Records) and Vincent Pujol (also from Diverje), have shown  in the only album from Bio-Mechanical Degeneration that they have something impressive in the music they have created. Bio-Mechanical Degeneration is one of their musical outlets and we are happy to have it in the Music Eternal family!

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