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Beton Kopf Media, The Label Only For :Wumpscut:

Beton Kopf Media is the label created by Rudy Ratzinger for his band, :Wumpscut:. Taking this approach has given Rudy freedom in the music he develops and how it is presented. It also has made Beton Kopf Media and its extensions huge with the dominance that :Wumpscut: has gained in the Electronic world of music.

This German phenom that :Wumpscut: is has been one of the centerpieces with a massive list of sub-genres in Electronic music. This appeal in Rudy's band has given Beton Kopf Media a level of respectability in that it has presented his band in the best light possible. The work ethic of Rudy and his support staff has made it possible for this label to work in a fluid format with distributors and in getting the music to the countless fans that are always searching for the latest :Wumpscut: release.

Rudy Ratzinger has shown an approach that ties in the qualities that labels seek to have in every stage of progression and the understanding that a band has for the needs of the fans. This standard that Beton Kopf Media shows has been the envy of many bands that know how Rudy works and his standards of professionalism. That is why Beton Kopf Media is not the only label he has. This label is for him and his sub-label is for the needs of the bands that he helps.

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