Assemblage 23 Is Electronic Empathy In Music

Assemblage 23 is a band that presents the true beauty in expressionism through the creative talents of Tom Shear. His keen knowledge of Electronic music and his impressive talent in music has made this a band that has been one of the rare few to set the standard to what Futurepop is. Assemblage 23 has also been one of the conduits that shows the relationship between EBM, Dark Wave, Synthpop, and Trance music. It is this relationship that each of these genres has where someone can find the style that best reflects Assemblage 23 and its diversity in music.

Many artists consider labels on their creations a violation of their expressions. In many respects this can be a brutal truth as music genres can fade away just as painting styles and architecture can. Assemblage 23 has shown in their time that it has been around that it is not one that can be definitively placed into a box when it comes to their music. This freedom comes from the dynamic music that Tom Shear creates and that no two songs are the same. The style that is this band can be felt in the songs, but the collective of music is more like gazing into a stained glass window in the variety that can be found in their songs. Their style is lyrics that cut to the core of the listener with their meaning and music that is fluid in its feel.

Music like that of Assemblage 23 is rare to find and when it is found it should be cherished and shared to the masses. It truly is poetry in motion in how the music is given to the listener and it is this pure expressionism that makes it our deep honor to welcome them into the Music Eternal family.

Mourn by Assemblage 23

Darkflow by Assemblage 23

Automation by Assemblage 23