Arcanta Expresses What Words Can't

Arcanta presents elements that sound almost like a fusion of Deine Lakaien, Tangerine Dream, and Arcana with a small hint of Lacrimosa in some of the songs. The deep vocals that thrust upward out of the melodies is a powerful combo that have been one of the standards of Arcanta regardless of the facet of style their music takes. It is the approach to each song that makes it stand alone as a testament of the talent and beauty that is expressed by Arcanta.

Music Eternal is honored to welcome Arcanta into our Music Family and aspire to present the world the passion expressed by this majestic Arcanta.


Edge Of The Night by She Hates Emotions

Cyberage Radio Playlist 05/26/2020

Spiders (Ashbury Heights Cover) by Madil Hardis